Geometric Squares Part Two

The long-awaited, long-promised sequel to Geometric Squares Part One is finally here! Asking the question: why not use geometric squares?

Firstly, more original, more patterny design choices offer a stronger differentiator than do the simple geometric squares. If Sonic was a blue square, and Crash was an orange square it would seem like it was even more of a rip-off than the orange anthropomorphic animal. A related example would be my red-white-toggle , I felt the need to put a disclaimer admitting that somebody else could have a similar idea. That’s because I was using the simplest shape and three of the five simplest web colours. If i had a more complicated design that simply through probability was certainly unique I could have breathed easier.

Secondly, more representational images can be used to communicate differently with the player. Using my r-w-t example again, one struggle when writing about it was what to call the moving blocks who had to eat and avoid being obstacle hit by. I settled on the word ‘opportunities’. However, if they were the sprites of dinosaurs I would have said ‘enemies’. If they were sprites of mushrooms, I may have gone for ‘boosters’. The value neutralness of the square, and in my experience the conventional colour theory doesn’t really apply to a great extent, forces all the work onto the gameplay. To some extent this is a good thing, particular in prototypes, to learn what the gameplay is telling you unecumbored by unreal baggage. On the other hand, if the game is limited by what commonsense and video game tropes are telling them, that could reduce the originality of games when instead they could use  representations to tap in to what is known about the real world to explore a wider range of gameplay.

Thirdly, complicated graphics could be used as signalling. They signal that the designer had such time and ability to develop  superior graphics, that they likely had a lot of time to develop the actual mechanics and thus it is worth it for the player to invest time into it. I’ll use my game as an example again; oui, it did not take much time to build.

Finally, the AAA guys really can blow people’s minds,


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