Red-White-Toggle, you may or may not be able to work out, is the game I was inspired to make after discussing the magic of geometric squares yesterday. You can play it here:

It is quite a simple game to play and to code and to my mind its a failure; I do recommend clicking on the link above to try it for yourself though, it is quite fun to start with. One thing that makes it that, gameplay-wise, is a notion that sometimes I love and sometimes I loathe. Periods of simple relaxation and periods of frantic danger, the periods of gentleness are so long that I feel almost guilty, plus it isn’t leisurely doing something, but doing nothing save for keeping an eye out for when the obstacles opportunities approach.

If I felt the game was more of a success, I would have tried other things such as perhaps giving you more points for a successful capture but docking points for a toggle, thus introducing an element of risk-vs-reward rather than the domination of the precautionary principle in this game.

However, the key idea was to use simple elements, randomness, and giving the player the toggle ability in order to give the player the ability to create, and ultimately I don’t think it worked. I don’t blame the colour scheme for that, I blame that there isn’t enough possibilities for the player or permutation of the game for it to work. However, don’t take my word for it play it yourself.

[Disclaimer: I didn’t take the idea from anywhere, but I’d be shocked if it was purely original. It would likely look fresher or newer with more complicated graphics than my geometric squares, which will be elaborated on in Geometric Squares part two.]


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