Games of 2014- 5th Place – Lucky’s Tale

Do you happen to recall about how I said that the games weren’t necessarily all games of 2014? Well, Lucky’s Tale is a game for the Occulus Rift that’s yet to be released. It is a third-person platformer – is there any other sort? – starring an anthropomorphic fox in a cartoony style.

Lucky’s Tale is the only Oculus Rift game I’ve played, which surely contributes to its being here, however it was the only Oculus Rift game I was excited to play after seeing screens of people playing game from Alien: Isolation to the rest. Its third person viewpoint removes any doubt that the Rift is only capable of one faddish trick, while also feeling exceptional as a player. I’m convince that the OR has to give us a God Game as we’ve never godgamed before.

In addition the fact that it come from the guy behind Words with Friends is also rather thrilling, as an inspiration to someone like me. The game which is a proper 3D platformer where the one level I played flowed really well and was good quality, although obviously it hardly blew my mind but was very easy to start to playing at once.

But it is obvious that it isn’t in my top five because it is exceptionally fun, but for what it represents which are three good things: The Occulus Rift, the small designer, and good 3D platformers.


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