Games of 2014 – 2nd Place – Bayonetta 2

The fact that this game is exclusive to the Wii U has nothing to do with my decision to put it on my list, I swear. Bayonetta is an exciting, quite unique game that did things that other games weren’t doing. Bayonetta 2 was the sequel, I’m a Ninentendo fanboy I’m not going to hold that against it, I would also call it quite possibly the only sequel of 2014 that was unquestionably superior to  the game it followed.

Bayonetta is the one of the games that suggests that we are getting incrementally better, even if 2014 is an inferior year than the ones that come from slightly before, then Bayonetta 2 gives hope that that was simply bad luck. Classics have a random component and even during the golden age of novels or movies had their bad years. TV, it seems to me, has had its latest golden age come and go while I don’t feel that hopelessness when it comes to computer games. This Bayonetta sequel is a noticeable reason for that maintained hope.


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