Clashoot – The Final Run

Clashoot can be played here:

This game was made by me, as a another chance to show the graphical superiority of geometric squares. The most noticeable thing here  would probably be the pure white bullets. Firstly, simply as artefacts I think they’re very pretty on the blue-grey background. But the key fact is the act of making them the same size and shape as everything else – I say act rather than choice because it flows without thought from the principle of geometric squares – causes a different feeling from the a game with more realistic bullets.

The way the story is told gives a whole new meaning to background storytelling! No, but in serious the story and character based ideas were key things in my thinking when it came to creating this game. The gameplay came as a lesser priority – which makes this blog so useful to me since people might not look at my games and realise that plot and visuals are key – which is good since it allows me to move into genres that aren’t my favourites, which is necessary in order to get a more nuanced view on game design.

This game, I think, requires tactics and playing that is completely alien to my playstyle, which is either to run in smashing or run away flailing with no nuance or middle ground, and I really wish I could turn myself into a different person simply so I could play Clashoot – The Final Run better and also with a different pair of eyes just so that I could make sure that it did indeed work.

Don’t worry this isn’t my top game of 2014. I’ll write that up later, and then – inspired by this blog post – I’m going to make a game where best play is a matter of running into and then running away; hopefully it’ll be better than I just made it sound.


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