Game of 2014 – 1st Place – The Crew

I was debating whether to put The Crew or Destiny her, but Destiny would have included a degree of cynically talking about how thy’re just throwing money at an issue rather than taking a proper managed focused on keeping the quality. However, that would be a sour note to end 2014 with so without further ado:

The Crew is a MMORG with great ambition, that as a console game is still showing that the PlayStations and XBoxes aren’t doing nothing apart from making exclusivity restrictions as they launch new consoles as the ambition of The Crew couldn’t have been made possible with the 360 or PS3. It is also notable for its open world, which is very ambitious if I’ve yet to mention it, and is perhaps better for its fusion of different elements to a different genre while still being unnonrecognisable* as a racing game.

To be honest, however the main fact that makes me mad for The Crew is the lack of in-game loading screens. Seriously, consoles are so much more powerful nowadays couldn’t at least some of that be more often put into minimising loading screens rather than going from one for of graphics that look kinda realistic to other graphics that look kinda realistic. Well, The Crew manages that; although, cars are far easier than humans where realism is concerned.

It has many flaws, but a focus on its strengths is the single greatest argument to be be excited for the generation of non-Wii U consoles.

*recognisable simple wouldn’t have remotely worked, would it?


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