Strategy – Some ramblings to help me think

This posts is about the game I mentioned wanting to make previously about how the tactic of run into and away. Of course, that’s the tactics to make the game fun, complicated and enjoyable to me it needs to either involve a skill challenge, to be tricky to put the tactic into practice, or to involve a larger strategy. You may guess the way I’m going: Strategy.

Why not both? Perhaps, the finished product shall have both, but one should start at simple. If the seed that I’m going to begin prototyping with is ‘A game of strategy where tactics involve the shifting from extreme aggression to extreme evasion” then I shouldn’t start off by complicating that with demanding from the off extreme skills.

The game is, I’m thinking at this point, a Real Time Strategy game.

Geometric squares? Geometric squares will, probably, make it lack that flavour that could come easier with a RTS of different graphical styles. This offers challenges, but the great thing about challenges is that you can climb over those mountains and into new ground. Abstract is the ‘flavour’ of many Turn-Based Strategy games so I don’t want to go that direction.

I could go and rip-off Star Wars with a green background, brown and orange rebels (the playable team), and the black and white empire. Indeed that fits perfectly with my original plan; the rebels have to dodge and hide out from The Empire while still showing up to destroy the Death Star. The could be a lose condition; if the SuperWeapon – can’t really call it a Death Star – is built then you lose. If the SuperWeapon is destroyed then the player wins. So the key dynamic of the prototype is growing in strength faster than The Empire grows their SuperWeapon.

Writing this was really useful to me, bye!


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