Fishing Submarines

Once I had a vision, a vision for a game, a vision that would not let me sleep despite the fact that I really needed to get my clock back in order after the holidays. This is the vision that produced Fishing Submarines. The vision was exciting. The game less so; although as I say on the Itch page deceptively difficult.

Now, the vision was complete so its not as if the final product is simply let down by gaps in my vision that were filled up. The closer issue might be that the colours are perfect in my vision compared to the actual game where trial and error were used for an attempt at being satisfactory. I’m decently glad to say however that that’s not the actual problem.

The problem, if you’re interested, is that the vision was inconsistent.  In my mind the sea was blue, the dolphin grey and the dolphin sea-coloured. Inconsistent. When I thought of the dolphin it was grey, when I thought of the dolphin in relation to the sea they matched. Like in a dream I ignored and glossed over these. But it meant that my vision included the impossible like the invisible dark grey fish glinting a lighter  grey out of the deep blue.

What is my summary out of all of this? Thank goodness for fast prototyping.


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