Review: Bamf

This is a free game available on Itch that I happened to see when looking at the newest number of games released, the url of the game is:

Bamf is a tactical platformer where you have two main abilities. By pressing z you can teleport a short distance – the name is presumably a reference to the sound made by Marvel superhero Nightcrawler when he teleports   – by pressing x you can slow down time. That’s where my first point comes in, in the short game the ability to slow down time is never useful. In a game with only two powers the worthlessness of the second power makes a game that can often be very irritating rather worse.

Aye, it is rather irritating. Mainly because of the incredibly strong enemies. No that’s not actually true; the strength of the enemies makes the tactical platforming and deducing the way to defeat them more important, however it also makes the places where you can’t actually defeat it the more annoying.

The game is short – now that I know what to do, I can finish the games in minutes – and I think that quite works for the game. The game is based on – rather than solving puzzles or perfect precision or reflexes – tenacity and looking around the levels in order to solve a twist. You’re able to see only a little of the level not necessarily all the necessary parts of the levels. By expanding the number of levels these, quite fun, twists risk being diluted.

That brings me back to the point about time slowing-down being useless. The game is based on its puzzles. Puzzles with red herrings and no obvious solutions. However, when you have a puzzle that genuinely seems unfair the perpetual red herring – or since it’s built into the very mechanics of the game, more like the fake Chekhov’s Gun – seems ireworthy. As a short game, certain parts can be used for good to make the twists more amusing and to allow one to laugh at oneself.

My final summary is that its a game that works as a fun-sized package.

[Interesting Note: Chrome doesn’t seem to think ‘teleport’ is an actual word.]


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