Timey-Wimey Birds

Timey-Wimey Birds – a name in search of a game. Does it count as writer’s block if – for one thing we’re talking about making computer games – if you have one incomplete thorn of an idea that you can’t get out, but at the same time can’t concentrate on making something else until you do. Whether that counts as writer’s block I cannot say for certain, but it is certainly the case of Timey-Wimey Birds.

It came about not too long ago and a little after writing my post about humour. Its genesis was based on three observations the obsessions with birds, the obsessions with time travel and the fact that time travel exists. Which, puts it dead in one of the humour types I’d condemned in my humour posts. I do not have high hopes for Timey-Wimey Birds, but nor can I get rid of it.

If the annoying muse had been more complete with instructions beyond the natural growth from the name about being simple and involving time travel to help with gameplay then she would be far less annoying, and this blog post would be written in the past tense with a link to the finished product on Itch. Alas, that is not the case.

Indeed, I do think challenges that are suddenly thrust upon you like this mixture of influences all occurring at one time to force me to make this game that doesn’t evolve out of what I’ve done or my philosophy is a good thing. It helps to broaden the mid, to learn new tricks and to help make more exciting games that are more style. Unfortunately, whether it is the case that it is just a deceptively shallow well or it simply doesn’t click with me, I’m not doing anything with this idea but getting stuck.

I sound very pessimistic, for the most part that’s an act. Indeed, writing this blog post has started bubbling those juices. Timey-Wimey Birds will, probably, be a game about a bird changing the flow of river by pushing stones in order to collect eggs. Easier said that done probably, but still it’s a start.

Interestingly, this seems to me like an idea based on level design. Something not mentioned before on this blog and something that isn’t my specialist subject. Like I said before they’re good for stretching the mind and getting one’s self out of one’s comfort zone.


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