Timey-Wimey Birds

The game you’ve all been waiting for with bated breath: Timey-Wimey Birds.

The game is HTML5 and easily playable in your browser. It might only have only the one bird, and the super power might be slightly stretching, but I think it works.

My verdict on the game: The game is short, but hopefully sweet. At least it was the painless pulling out that splinter, and now I am once again with a mind open for other muses to speak to me and give me the instructions in what I am supposed to do. That muse, there’s a good chance, will come from this blog.

For example, in my last post about glitches and bugs. It is quite easy to do somethings in this game to make it impossible to win. Is it a problem? No, just restart the game. Plus, you probably have to go out of your to get into that position. The game is very easy.

Difficulty was a floating variable. Although, I had multiple instrument the goal of the graphics were birds, the goal of the gameplay was time-wimey, and the level design was responsible for the junk-food sweetness.

There was a lot that I considered adding to the game before, but like I mentioned in my Bamf review sometimes it is better when it is short and to the point. Indeed, the central ideas in this game weren’t that deep or complicated. I’m sure level and puzzle-deign could have made in order to make it a more difficulat and deeper experience. However, the world design was being used to hit the conflicting goal of junk-food ease.

That is a second thing that allows it to use the word ‘birds’ in its title. It is so easy to pick up. Where it falls down is that it’ll only be picked up once. Nobody will pick it up again to get there fix, there is simply not enough their. It consists of three puzzles and zero scores. I had thought about adding a counter for how many steps you take, however I decided that that would detract from my lovely little world.

I do think that the little does look lovely. Not so much in the little thumbnail on the table where it looks rather like a mess, but in the actual gameplay. Somehow – and I really don’t know how since I simply print screened and cropped – it looks even better as a cover image. I really have no idea how that works.

I was planning to finish this up by talking about geometric squares, but I think something so core to my being deserves a post of its own. So I’ll get to writing that tomorrow.


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