Fancy Graphics

South Park: The Stick of Truth

The perfect way to determine the reasoning for why people respond to fancy graphics. Well, I suppose a more perfect way would be if the graphics in South Park were fancier. Although, I think looking almost exactly the same as a beloved TV programme is probably good enough.

However, in Canada the map isn’t quite as good and – perhaps it is deceptively complicated – that a solo artist could do himself. Yet nobody seems to mind. Indeed it is endorsed and promoted as a positive. If a game with the Canadian-style graphics was released now it is hard to believe that it would have people taking a second look. What if the entire South Park game was in the Canadian-style?

Well, it objectively wouldn’t capture the feel of playing a (very long) episode of the cartoon half as well. And how people would respond to that is just supposition, we can never actually know or give more than an educated guess; a guess that is based on why one thinks people respond well to fancy graphics so would be rather circular.

Ha, I guess this isn’t actually the perfect opportunity after all. Shame, now if only there was a natural experiment whether we could do difference in difference estimators in.


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