Developer’s Block

I’ve still got developer’s block. My laying the blame on Timey-Wimey Birds was mistaken. I scapegoated. I am now thinking about creating a game about one man’s quest to sacrifice a goat to atone for his mistakes, and one goat who will do anything in order to survive. You’d play the goat of course, I’ll leave the morally wicked protagonists to other developers.

Score this for another win for writing this blog. Annoyingly, for me, the posts that make the creative bubbles come forth are also the ones that I feel are least worthy of being written. The exception were those early posts about geometric squares, which I could imagine somebody else thinking were silly, but that I’m fanatical about. This means that assuming I can’t find anymore Geometric Squares – which to be fair was why I began to write this blog in the first place – I face a dilemma in what to write.

Amusingly, the inspiration from that one word ‘scapegoat’ has thrown this post completely off course. I was planning on writing about what methods I’d try to use in order to cure the block. The answer now is nothing: I’m simply going to go straight to developing.


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