A Little Example

The half-made Scapegoat – I was writing scapegoat. Periodically, running it and playing it in order to ensure bugs didn’t slip in, and if any did enter so that I would be able to fix it immediately. I was testing it at this point, where I kept on playing. I eventually demanded that once I’d hit a particular round number that I’d cease playing, and get back to writing the code. So eventually I stopped.

At this point, essentially all the mechanics are absent. The experience did ensure me that the feels of the controls, and the look of the game were reasonable – and it isn’t a mother’s love – at least for my tastes. So I was inspired and I put that half-finished fing on itch at once. I do kind of wish that it wasn’t so high up alphabetically  (I’ve got the name for my Netball game:All-No-Stars Netball), but still it is motivation-boosting when that happens.


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