Couple of Game Jam Notions

Since this post is going to be in list form I’ll give it the unofficial title of: Five Incredible Thoughts on Game Jams (and you won’t believe which I’m going to enter).

1. When it comes to GameJams I go to the same place where I host my games: Its convenient me to check the process. Plus since one reason I like gamejams is to get eyes on my games there nearbyness to the Itch store front is something I like.

2. I’ve done GameJams with a different account, and I strongly get the feeling that HTML5 gets a better look in, in that environment, all else being equal. I’m less confident that that’s the case with all games and I’m definitely going to make Fell into Heaven downloadable and have it written in C. However, in GameJams I’ll do it in javaScript and since that’s a language I like. there’s no problems.

3. Political gamejams make me feel weird. I have utterly no issue with political games. Games are art and art should certainly be able to talk about politics and events. The problem with political gamejams is that they’re sort of commissioning the games with their strict deadlines and demanded point. That’s seems more like progranda than an artist making a person point, which should be done when the artist thinks best. (I have no doubt that you could point to situations where painters were in a similar issue, but still I don’t like it.)

4. I wish GameJams were shorter. I appreciate that some people can’t handle the speed of Ludum Dare, but these month-long affairs simply rob it from any urgency or spectacle, and sap motivation. Anybody could produce something in a week if they had to, even a fortnight would be an improvement.

5. I’m planning to enter two game jams before this time next week: Public Domain and JamGame. In both cases the thing that’s holding me back is getting an idea which is good enough to start work on it. The reason for that is because my standards are too high due to having forever to complete it. For the Public Domain game jam, I might do Emma Woodhouse matchmaking a publisher with an anti-copyright campaigner. With JamGame it is trickier since all my ideas sound like the game they’re based on, example: Creed’s Assassins, Assassins who belong to a creed.

Oh well, I’ll come up with something eventually.


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