Joys, such joys

I enjoy coding. I like straying out of my comfort zone when it comes to coding. I like making mistakes. If you read my post on glitches, you’ll know I like mistakes. I look putting on my investigative hat and trying to discover the whereabouts of the mistakes. I like a lot of things.

Today, I made a mistake that could work for any language. I had a variable called ‘elife’ which is a fusion of the word ‘enemy’ and the word ‘life’, a convention I use quite often. I  was then working on another part of the code which needed that variable for an if statement, but wrote down ‘elive’. I even had a chuckle to myself at how I hadn’t noticed that the variable was very similar to the word ‘alive’.

If you look at the QWERY keyboard the actual typing of the ‘v’ could have been an actual typo. I noticed it because I do notice my rare typos -I’m well aware about what that statement means for the number of typos in this post – and then I had a right giggle about how ‘elive’ is very similar to ‘alive’. I then adopted it for he rest of that section before testing it.

Is the mood I’m in conductive for writing code? Good code? Certainly not. But, I’m certainly in a mood where I giggle rather than being frustrated, and when you’re making Shock Bios, a small game for a game jam is that an awful thing?


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