Shock Bios

I did finally come up with an idea for the backwards game jam. Shock Bios where the title was, hopefully obviously, taken from the hit game Bioshock. The game was more broadly also inspired by the game, although I don’t necessarily expect that to be felt by the player apart from in the obvious case of it being a shooter.

A little while in the making of the game I realised that the name would have lent itself to a game about shocking biographies, and that would have been much cleverer. However, I don’t do this to seem clever, and I had been wanting to do a game that drew light inspiration from Bioshock for a while now, so I went on with this idea and I’m happy with my choice.

I’ll mention geometric squares since I get to play at being a fanatic again. Its all squares! Beautiful abstract representative squares! Of, course there isn’t that much variety in the world, or that much under the player’s control. Still when attempting to create the screenshot for the game, I did see many pictures I enjoyed. You got the screenshot you got since I found that since the game is a two-handed one using a hand to print screen at the perfect moment proved impossible.

The game is two short stages long. All killer no filler. The stages are tied to a cosmetic day and night theme so as to make the ending feel more expected. It is an idea I like though, and one which I find easy and instinctual. For me it never loses its magic, and I can’t see why anyone would dislike it. So it is an instinct that I have no qualms in indulging.

How is it Bioshock inspired?

==WARNING – All Content Past This Point Is Spoilers. Play The  Game – WARNING==

Well the range of different powers is the big thing. Originally, the player was going to pick them up as time went on, but since I scrapped the mono-directional part of the game and decided to have two stages I decided to give the player them all to start with. I think this is the right choice. Everything is so simple that the player doesn’t need to be spoonfed new options, but also if you were getting them one at a time they would be viewed as rewards. This wouldn’t work with one fun quirk of the game.

The game is called Shock Bios yet you have two flame weapons. If you try and incinerate Bios you’re going to lose eventually, although to be fair it definitely could have its place at certain points. Working out that the fifth weapon is rather rubbish is also an idea I wanted to capture. I think you can capture all that in two stages. That’s why the game is only two short stages.


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