Cavern & Cobold

Or How Happy I was When I Learnt About The Alternative Spelling on Wikipedia

Cavern & Cobold is a game I wrote than you can play on itch by following the link to your left; you’ll need a keyboard, which I suppose is a point I should always mention. The size of the game is almost the default size for an itch online browser game, a fact I should mention due to yesterday’s post.

However I wouldn’t have sized it any other way. A fact that became even clearer to me when I was resizing a screenshot for the thumbnail. Making it even slightly smaller turns it into – to use a funny and humorous internet meme – a game for ants. 10 by 10, is probably the limit for the usual stuff you want players to interact with. Making it larger is out of the question for two reasons: it loses the sense of distance that was the original impetus for the game, and it also makes the individual green blocks stand out from being one complete composition.

It is the creation of the random sketches that is the key idea to the game. It actually took the introduction of the Cobold for me to appreciate that part of he game. However when you are waiting for the Colbold to pass you have plenty of time to use the map as your very own inkblot test. There are many stock sights for me, and I’m sure that the dinner fork for one is not unique to me, however I’m not so sure with the rest.

In a sense it isn’t really a game. I say that because if it is a game it may be a bad one. Full of near impossible challenges, no sense of progression, and very samey gameplay. However, what it is works. At least for me.

Tune in tomorrow for where I recount the history of Cavern & Cobold in marvelous detail.


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