Cavern and Cobold – The History

An idea was held by me. The idea was for the player to survey a large valley cut through the middle of the world. This would be a multiple maze, due to an avenue being started again once it reached one of the horizontal extremes.

It never hit a horizontal extreme. This wasn’t impossible. It was merely extremely unlikely since horizontally-wise it could backtrack, and vertically wise it was always on the up and up.  This was solved by having three attempts at a path being made before placing the light green exit at the end.

At this point it was playtested and similar, and I was happy to call it a day. I quite like mazes. If the key point I wish to explore is not a gameplay one, then I am almost always happy with mazes. However, something about the look of the trails made me think of a kobold or a Minotaur; in actual fact a Minotaur that looked like a kobold. Something translated in the power of geometric squares to a 10 by 10 orange square.

The random acting cobold is nearly enough how it was originally envisioned. It was when hiding away in a corner waiting for the cobold to pass away where I saw the epiphany. The green sketch – the green was originally supposed to be a more yellowy eery green, but this way helps the sketch – was utterly visible as one waited.

It reminded me of cinema shots both with the replica of the event where the protagonist hides and then finds some hidden sign or bones, but also when the camera pans out to show the wood rather than the trees. Of course in this game there is no camera forcing you, simply natural human attention.


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