Note #2 – Pixels

This isn’t about the retro art style. It is about computers. Everything we see on the computer is pixels. Pixels are little dots. Therefore everything we see on the computer is little dots. What got me thinking of this issue was Pointillism; which I suppose is more retro than the NES. Is it possible to create a game with a pointillism style.

There are no paint strokes in computer games. If Pointillism is to some extent a getting way from personal strokes, then it doesn’t really work on the computer screen where that personality and dymaniscm communicated in that way exists.

Perhaps, instead it is a question of space. The letting he dots breath and project the anti-colour rather than being smothered by neighbours. I certaily feel in my own work that the immediate neighbour feels fundamentally different from the very near neighbour. Perhaps, that’s the key; the only colour that another colour should touch is its neighbour.

One could argue that if one creates one of those twine-like games with still pictures that deliberately ape Seurat’s style that that must be a pointillist game. However, that doesn’t feel correct to me.  It instead feels like it would be a miscellaneous game with pointillist images.


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