My Plans

The game that I am currently planning to make is one that can be played on iPad. Something click-based – well also touch-based one supposes – that is full of designs, and that is broadly inspired on Pokemon – Pokemon Red is a game I’m playing now.

The thing that makes me worried is the fragility of simplicity. My drive, as it is for many people, is for a game to be simple; elegant. However, simplicity means that it does not have the strengthening complexities that can fill in any cracks. I wonder if it is possible to start with a game that is fully simple. Certainly unplayable simple, and then simply add complexities till the game is playable.

It seems to me that that would work. It might even be the most efficient way to get something out – well the most efficient would probably be the whole-scale theft of something already made – but I don’t think it is the efficient way to create something great, or something with a soul. I might want to try that out, rather than relying on prejudice, but not this time. Not in this game.

Multiple win-condition is a complexity that I would like to try, so that might be a concept that I rely in to make the game sprout from and have it as the core force making it workable.


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