Bayed reat

This is a game that can be played on a tablet. Not, the one I mentioned before, but another one: this one. Funnily, since this was made with being portable in mind, I hadn’t playtested it on my iPad until it was supposed to be finished and it was on itch. Amusingly, some more, although the touch worked perfectly, the sort function didn’t work with Safari (its fixed now).

As is often the case with me, the biggest question was: How ought the AI be done.?It is done here fully randomly. That wasn’t what I was planning to for, but I found that there was already enough going on for the player to take advantage of a complicated AI. The game is also already at the right level of difficulty, and a more predictable (more sensible perhaps) AI would really serve to help the player/ That’s not the point of it, surely.

A brief description of the game is – although a play is worth 10,000 words and you’ve really no excuse – that you play a randomly determined class and are up against five other players also with a randomly determined class and must you’ve your array of four moves to defeat your opponents while remaining alive.


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