Before I begin, I shall begin my mentioning just how much I like the little picture in the tab for this game. It is only a screenshot of the game, but I think it looks really nice. The game, which is playable in your browser using a mouse or touchscreen, is a betting game of you versus a single computer opponent.

It was making the computer opponent that was my main motive in making my ‘masterpiece’. I wanted to create a game with a sensible-acting opponent. I succeeded in doing that. This was made easier thanks to the general simplicity of the game and its mechanics.

Their wasn’t a qualititave improvement of having this sensible opponent as opposed to the near random ones like I did in Bayed Reat, like I had expected. Don’t get me wrong, this particular game would not have worked with a dumb opponent, there would not have been enough strategy and feeling of choice. However, that’s all it was, another avenue of putting in choice and confusion, rather than something special and different.

The second thing of not is the UI. Nothing is labeled, however I found – to be fair as its designer – that it was extremely intuitive and working through it became second nature. Also, as I had sort of mentioned above, its looks very pretty to me. Assuming that it is as intuitive as I think and hope then the game can really work.

The game isn’t great. The ‘masterpiece’ reference above is simply alliterative. However, it did entertain me, so I would urge you to click the link above and to play.


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