Oncoming Blues


I was originally just going to write a little note about my experience replaying this after a few months having had made it. I was then rather surprised to find that I hadn’t uploaded onto itch, and discussed it here. I can now be certain that I hadn’t already uploaded it since the space bar is the key control and I forgot to prevent-default it, so when first I uploaded it, it was pretty much unplayable.

The game has who playing a peach square, and using only the space bar you must dodge the falling blue squares. Pressing space makes you go forward, while simply existing forces you to go backwards. It is not a taxing game, and if it was a taxing game I’d have been less likely to replay it today.

The reason I was replaying it was simply that I wanted something to occupy my hands and eyes as I listened to a podcast. It did this perfectly adequately, and the game – although not looking fantastic when you begin playing, or in a still – amused me with how it optically-illusioned as one continues playing it. The thing that I wanted to blog about was what occurred when I’d finished playing.

I was not sure if things continued to fall or not. This continued happening for some time. It continued happening for a greater enough length of time that I was able to create an experiment to deduce if it was falling or not. It was not falling. I was falling for an illusion that I had myself produced. Not just any illusion, but the illusion of falling. I am impressed by that.


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