Just Walk


This will probably be the last game from me for a while. My backlog has been exhausted, and my ideas for short game or simple mechanics I want to implement have been exhausted also. In addition to that I also have many much larger projects that I feel a strong desire to complete as my next projects. My next project shall definitely be playable online, but I think I will migrate to C soon enough.

That’s not what this post is about though. This post is about Just Walk. It is a very short game, playable with the mouse (or touchscreen on a tablet) and I really would strongly urge you to play it. I had a good time having played it. It lacks replayability, but it isn’t supposed to have replayability. It is a two-shot experience, with a very slight meta wargamey puzzle.

There really isn’t much that I want to say about it. Just click the link, and take two minutes of your time to complete the game.


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