The above is a game I decided to distract myself with. I was working on a computer that wasn’t mine, the internet was temporarily down so I could get access to my home files, and I also loss access to most recreations you can do inside with your clothes on. What rather surprised me as I was testing my distraction is that I had an awful lot of fun.

Of course, its a puzzle game and puzzle games I’m always slightly wary about making, because I’ve only myself to playtest with, and I understand my logic, and even if I didn’t, I know all the answers. Still, the reflex part of the game made me giggle – indeed the game counts how long you took so pretty quickly the game becomes you versus the controls rather than you versus the puzzles if you want to beat a particular time.

I mentioned that the central issue becomes ‘you versus the controls’, which is true and this is the first time making one of the little prototypes that I really appreciated how important the UI is and giving the player a good deal of information. My instinct is to allow the player to wallow in ignorance, but here if I went that route I’d be handed many bills for smashed computers.

The final note is that I could have tagged this under Geometric Squares, but to be frank it is more a snooker table aesthetic rather than a philosophical choice as tagging it ought to suggest. I enjoyed making it. I enjoyed playing it. I even enjoyed blogging about it.


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