I’m glad to say that after a lot of hard work, I can announce my first grand game:

One could call the world infinite, although obviously computer and universe constraints make that not entirely true. This massive procedural generated world has you explore a vivid world of imagination. This is not the lousy brown and grey nonsense that the AAA guys are enamored with. This is a world you’ll hate to leave.

This game is based on two game which have had a huge influence on me and my thinking. I shan’t tell you what they are (since I don’t want to be sued), but suffice to say the game’s mascot goes “Rika! Rika! Chuuuu!”

The game is 2d, cause I like 2d since I do.  You can collect a near-limitless number of summons – that are what they are called in this game – and you have to collect one-hundred in order to get a special message. Still, you’re not forced to stop there. You can continue playing to be the very best master summoner.

Difficulty?  This is not an exclusionary game. Everyone can play it, enjoy it, and donate money for it.


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