I was working on those Fire emblem-esque mechanics a while back. One thing that experience taught me was that I really dislike the designate route as seen in that series and the Advance Wars games. Not because it is particularly difficult to code. It wouldn’t be, but the clear clarity that is forced upon you when coding revealed to me that I disliked it.

That’s got nothing to do with the game I linked above, unless it counts as an explanation for the lack of arrows. PaFiEm is a game I made when I was working on Fire Emblem mechanics just as a distraction. Its rather the one-note joke sort of game, but it scratches that itch of just having something to do with one’s hand while watching television or listening to music; amusingly just like scratching an itch would.

I considered making the playable character yellow. Make the bad guys pale blue, red, orange or pink, but that’s cheap. If the allusion in the gameplay is all in my head it shouldn’t force the player to recognize it through the aesthetic.

This post probably hasn’t been the best ad for it but its free, playable in your browser and requires only the mouse.

[This has also been me practicing scheduling blog posts in advance. Happy Shrove Tuesday everyone!]


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