Three Dimensions

Most games have graphics that are three dimensional. However, independent games are still with the two dimensions. I’ll lay my thesis out immediately: I do not think three dimensions are good. I’ll state and not repudiate one counter-argument here, also: I cannot create three dimensional graphics.

It may just be me, but in my life it is images from those three dimensional games that come onto me suddenly. I can stare at that small Tetris screen for hours, but its five minutes with something 3D that has me seeing stuff when I’m brushing my teeth. Perhaps, that strikes you as a good thing, but I don’t think it is. I think that a game after you’ve finished playing it you can choose to pull and think of it is a great thing, Photopia is a great example of this. However, a game that pushes into your mind after your done is like an annoying earworm, rather than a hummable melody one can choose to hum.

I mentioned in much early posts where this blog was much different, that I considered super-graphics to be a form of signalling. It said ‘we can afford to make graphics this good. Just imagine how much we could have spent on game designers and programmers’, the answer being, of course, ‘not as much if you hadn’t spent that much of your budget on artists’, still the mysteries of this subject is not something I claim to understand.

I also do not see the gain with three dimensions from a gameplay standpoint for the most part. Certainly, I’d be the first to disagree if one was to say that there were no games that were better with three dimensions. It is also true that some features and puzzles are only possible in 3D, but are they the best ones? I don’t think so, I know that the Zelda game I consider to have the strongest gameplay would be Link to the Past. I also know that many people would disagree with me.

I suppose ultimately my antagonisticness towards three dimensions is a mixture of preferring two-dimensions, whenever a game – as opposed to a vista or what-have-you- is describes as beautiful you can’t go wrong thinking its a 2D game. I don’t know if the views in Dark Souls are actually  2D (and Google reuses to help out of revenge for my last post), but if they are they’re a good example for my argument. The second thing being that 3D prints itself onto my brain, and I don’t like that.


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