I recently made a game that I thought looked pretty, but gameplay wise ended up not working as I hoped simply because I didn’t think it through what the gameplay would really entail. The rules I understood. I programmed them so they were exactly what I was after. However, it was an utterly bad idea.

That isn’t this game. That was some other game. Also, if you’re new to this blog – though, actually, it may have been quite a while since I got in the mood for one of these small things – click on the link above to be able to play this game in your internet browser. Intended to be played with keyboard, and mouse but able to be played mouse only.

As, I was saying this game plays completely differently from how I intended – although I also made a slight change to the mechanics than I envisioned giving you two more trampolines than you were originally having at all times – but is still engaging for as long as I imagined. The game was originally meant as a learning tool for the idea of multiple instruments for multiple goals. None of that is in this one.

However,  the key reason I upload it here for you is that it is pretty. Not at first perhaps, but oh not too long after waiting and its lovely. To some extent a decent knowledge of the world is useful for really appreciating its beauty and not being a philistine, such as the knowledge that the inside of the hoops is white, but even a three year old would acknowledge that at its loveliest it is lovely indeed.

I’m not being too specific? Well, considering that I chose the thumbnail for the game on itch in order to avoid spoiling the loveliness, I don’t surprise myself. So, if you wish to understand the next paragraph, you ought to have played my fantastic game. Playable in your browser (and touch mobile devices, probably) and by clicking the link up there.

This is geometric squares properly. I’m very happy about that, but it is also amusing that if you keep the space bar down for a few seconds, as well as slowing the game down so you can really appreciate the next bit, the flood of squares really creates a flood of not-square. Reminds you of anything? Yes, that’s right nature. I considered as I gazed at my work whether to make it a blueprint for someplace you could really explore. I decided against it. That would focus your attention on certain places. Some thing are meant to be appreciated by taking a wider view.

In conclusion, I’m very happy to have made it. (Not as happy as you are if you’ve played it, though).


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