Keppcol probably is not as good as Tetris. However, in my biased opinion – for I am Keppcol’s father who birthed it – it is even prettier. The feeling of having completed the entire screen is good, and works,. The worst thing about it is having to go to a computer or laptop to play it in one’s browser (something you can do too by following the link above, wow!)

As you’ve realised since you’ve followed the link above, this is another game of the geometric squares, although there’s a certain amount of fanciness since each piece has a 20 by 20 square inside the main 30 by 30 square – although in the case of the secret square (Cream) the inner square is the same shade.

The main puzzle I had in making the game is that it was about how the pieces could only be placed next to their own colour or a near colour (or, added later, black), which caused the question: what constitutes a near colour?

My instinct would be that it constitutes shared (above-zero) colour codes in the RGB system. Having said that without really giving it any thought at all, I decided that I was not going to include yellow in the game. I feel that most people first thoughts would be with the additive system. The thing that I still had reservations about cyan or turquoise, since do people think of it as a real colour?

I decided yes. Hopefully, ity didn’t cause any confusion with your play time.


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