I’ve got a Kongregate Account

Well, I do.

I’ve also uploaded a game for it:


It is a keyboardless game. It is the game I mentioned a little while ago about being pretty, but gameplayless. Funnily, enough putting it on Kongregate really made made me think about the possibility of adding a timed element to it. Its still not a great game, but as I always say quick on the link at the top to see for yourself. Don’t take my work for it.

I mainly uploaded that game to see how easy it was to integrate the APIs was. The answer: almost suspiciously easy. Over all it was quite an easy experience, I literally wondered to myself: Why hadn’t I done this earlier? However, there is one thing. As you could see if you followed the link, the game is in a scrolly rectangle. My fault I’m sure.

However, I cannot find how to change it. Indeed I tried to make a new game and couldn’t find where to change the size there either. I’m sure I can remember setting the size originally, but now I’m lost. It is quite the mystery.


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