Semi-Demi require clicking on the link above and a keyboard in order to play. It is a puzzle game that’s been fermenting in my mind for a while now. The reason I’ve tagged it under Nostalgia is because the key thing that started the fermenting was reading about the sequel of Chip’s Challenge.

This game isn’t actually that similar to CC since since it far, far less complicated, and is also much shorter as its easily completable  is less that thirty seconds; although that’s assuming one knows all the answer to the puzzles. (A cool thing about Kongregate is the leaderboards so that assuming people only play it once, I’ll be able to see how long it takes them. If people do try to ‘speed-run’ it, then that’d be even cooler.

I feel like I should have stressed the the fact that it is far simpler. There’s essentially only the single puzzle-element, the switches one can walk over – it is the top-down, tiled, four-directional that Semi-Demi shares most with Chip’s Challenge – but personally I’m very much a simplicity sort of guy.

Game design-wise, I’d call these designed puzzles – as opposed to something procedurally generated – as one of the most fun things to design, but also the hardest thing for the solo designer, since it requires such a launch of empathy to attempt to deduce how difficult it is to solve when one does already know all the answers.  That’s something I doubt I get perfectly.

Still, I think one can expect that the game design fairies will have SEmi-Demi 2 in my future.


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