Royals Review

Link to its itch page:

Royals is a computer game recently released by Asher Vollmer and is availably for free (or donation) to download. So I downloaded it for free (or a donation) when I read an article about it. That article was mostly quotes from Aher Vollmer talking about how very difficult it is.

Royals isn’t a difficult game. I probably failed three or four times before succeeding. The game as a whole probably took less than half an hour to play. To be honest, my views of the game is essentially completely twisted by the fact that the article I read (latimes) is lied and more lies.

I’ve never played Three but I’ve played the supposedly easier 2048 and Royals is far easier. Royals is essentially a, very simple, puzzle game and if it was a boardgame it would not be a success.

I could go in that vein for ever, but I don’t want to. If I pretended that I had read nothing about it, I would say:

I enjoy the graphics, the gameplay is slightly involving but I feel no desire to replay it, and I wish it was a webgame since I’m downloadphobic.

Apparently, there’s a secret ending, but after playing what I have I’ve no desire to discover it.


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