Secretly Themed

The game above was created by me and requires the use of your keyboard. It is a game where the theme came first, and the enjoyable gameplay came second.

The name comes from the fact that it seems to me to be wrong to not mention how theme came first, and how theme is the strongest urging in my mind. At the same time I am acutely aware that if I say the theme I can be sure that people will recognize it since they’ll be searching for it. Keeping, the theme secret – and I’ll never disclose what it is – allows me to better discern whether I did or did not communicate it well with the mix of graphics (geometric squares, of course) and gameplay.

This is a game where the aim of the game is to maximise one’s points and one gets more points the enemy chasing you get quicker. What’s more original -emphasis on more, not on original – is that you control two characters at a time. That creates something else about it that I love;  I’m awful at it. I can’t multi-task like that at all, so it excites me that I have a such a mountain to climb to be decent at my own game; makes me feel proper British.

The game went through several iterations including that originally the game purely listened to keydowns. This means that it was possible to move diagonally, or to move both your characters, but it was a challenge in itself. To an extent I liked that, but I think the current way of listening to keydowns and keyups (like I used to do in pygame) does make the game work better with a more natural flow.

I like it, and I anticipate playing much more myself.


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