The New Google Docs Design: A Rant

I describe it as new, but I must confess I do not actually know when it came about. However, I was frustrated enough by it to want to go and write something about it on this blog. Not long ago, it worked great you sign in and got your files all nice and simple. Now it’s a chore to work out what you do.

I should stress here that the picture that’s at the top of this post does not remotely do justice to how annoying it was. I was already signed in my google account and wanted to quickly discover how to move on from that needless page. Yet, Google had a different idea.

It is a trend I knew about before, and didn’t like. However, beyond noting I didn’t like it, it seemed to me to be mostly contained on the websites of people showing that they could perform the trend than any to which website I wanted to go; although the Mario Kart website – which I’m pretty sure they’ve changed since I saw it as an example – should have indicated to me that it was a lack of curiosity and good luck that kept me safe.

The fact that it is on Google worries me. Google are the search engine daddies. Is that the sort of website Google says is swell. Yes, when it comes to SEO putting it all on one page does help. That’s how WordPress works to an extent. However, might Google prefer the pretense of multiple pages -‘bla bla bla to help the organisation of disparate information’ and all the other anger inducing parts of that design. I really hope not.

I also dislike the plus in the arbitrary corner that  I had to search for o create a new document after getting past the eyesore barrier. That, I imagine, I’ll get used to.

*I was tempted to tag this as ‘Nostalgia’, but I’m not going to do that for  couple of months ago. ‘I remember, when all this was slightly less smoke-worn houses.’

(I’ve just realised that WordPress has the same design for is homepage – so a mix of luck, lack of curiosity and zero power of observation. However, at least with that one can pretend only the first screen exists without causing any problems.)


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