Honestly, I think this name is so cool, I feel bad that its almost just a bunch of random letters for a game, I wasn’t sure what to name it. This is a simple game that you can play with a touchscreen (or a non-firefox browser, if you’ve got a mouse) and I think its engaging with just the right amount of difficulty.

It might take a little bit of a while to get into it – the way the red path moves might not work as you’d immediately expect, but it is consistent and understandable – but I’d definitely say that its worth it, with one of my main areas of focus being how to remove any consistent areas of annoyance that can appear in any game.

You may remember HoopJumper, and how its main point in designing it was to encapsulate the idea of having enough instruments to hit all your goals. And how it completely failed, but was still rather amusing. Well, this game works far far better for that  purpose. Not perfectly of course, because once you’re past the easy first bit, you ultimately have far more plates spinning than one per blue square – this makes more sense if you’ve tried playing the game – but I think those issues might actually make the metaphor stronger.

The maxim ‘Multiple Instrument for Multiple Goals’ is one of those things that have been burned into my mind, and AKU-InstuGoa, manages to be both fun and a very good representation of that metaphor in pure abstract geometry; the greatest thing there is.


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