A Timeless Carol

For the Public Domain Jam 2 I am working on an adventure game based off of A Christmas Carol. I only heard of the Jame less than a day ago, so I haven’t gotten too far with this game yet, but i’m confident of being able to finish it before the 25th May deadline, since I’ve coded the skeleton and done backgrounds.

As an adventure game, I don’t imagine that the coding will be particularly stressful and get me scratching my head at any point. It is the puzzle design that I’ve got to be most worried about. Since I intend to be quite faithful story-wise to the original novel, it is the puzzles that will make it.

I’ve never made adventure game-style puzzles before in any serious way, but part of why I’m going with this game is that I want to be making those puzzles. I’ve read that Old Man Murray post, Bob Bate’s article, Scarpia’s Article, as well as  some more article. This is the perfect opportunity into changing that booklearning into real stuff.

Wish me luck.


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