A Timeless Carol – Done



You always miss something don’t you? Well, for A Timeless Carol -the latest version to be found on the top link – I included two errors. Both in the two places I forgot to look, but isn’t that always the way.

The first was that I forgot the ‘http’ thing in my URLs for the first page. Honestly, it was a stupid error that totally destroyed my attempt to plug this blog, but not something that actually hurts the game itself, and isn’t that the most important thing.

The thing that I am genuinely miserable about is that making a mistake in the first real puzzle gets the game out of sync, and makes it impossible to complete, since it requires you to perform an action at a point that is impossible to reach when it is out of sync like that. To an extent it doesn’t even work as a learning experience, because I can see a bunch of ways I could have written my code to keep that from coming up.

I suppose the lesson I’m going to take from it is that even in a game jam, write what all the moving parts are and what all the possible states are and then systematically fix it, because once the person commented on it, I was able to find and fix it pretty easily. So that’s the lesson I’m taking from it, and that’s a pretty good one: Testing, testing, and testing.

On a more positive note, I got useful comments – I almost said good, that’d be a mistake – on the first third of the game that the person could play. I’ve included a link to the jam above, so I’d recommend you play them, I’ll be doing that through lunch.


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