Does The Sand Get Up Here?

This is a game created by me, that is playable in your browser and is based on using your keyboard. One big question I had when writing this blog post is whether I should use a question mark in the title, I have decided – as you’ve no doubt realised – that I shall.

The second question in my mind was what to write about it: I’ll tell you the story from the start -all that week ago – to the now.

The essential gameplay mechanics are unchanged from then to now. On the gameplay side, the core thing to have changed was that the enemies were to follow set pre-determined paths and now they spawn at random locations to follow an attraction based path. This gives a greater degree of replayability, in my humble opinion. This is definitely what I felt while testing it.

The second thing that was in my original envisioning was customised dialogue at the start of each mission. This was changed in favour of the standardised new mission start screens. These I feel create a more focused ascetic. Also, as an instinctual postmodernist -although, post-modernism – meant in the marketing style – sucks, but as an attempted surrealist, I must be true to my subconscious – the lack of a pretense of a story feels more honest.

I can’t end this blog giving the impression that I originally had it all planned out but have made all those changes. My original envisioning had the speed you moved at be the ‘correct speed’, sadly JavaScript didn’t recognise that – although I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a framework that does – and through trial and error, I had to come up with something to remove frustration while not making the game trivial.

The original designs for the bad guys were a bunch of contradictory vagueness. One thing I dislike when it comes to making art is that what exists could never be as good as what is in my minds eye since that isn’t bond by the laws of physics or reality. In my mind’s eye things can be two different colours as the situation demands. Red to complement green hair, while yellow to complement blue eyes. I expect this is something that could be conquered by practice :Note to self, subject for tomorrow’s post?:

The same is also true for the bad guy designs mechanically as well. It is only when it comes to coding the game, that I realise that although I had vague ideas I didn’t truly have it all mapped out. This was one problem I had with giving presentations as well, being sure I can wing it before trying and failing. Also, with writing blog posts.

Stuff like the – very simple , really not graphic, blood – were introduced entirely during the making the game in order to solve the problem, of it not being clear what is occurring – particularly with the Bombers – and with wanting to busy up the background without adding irrelevancies to it. It really worked, and although I’ve no doubt its not original, I really like it as an emergent thing.

Also, I think this my 100th blog post, which is pretty cool. I feel like I should do something celebrating the milestone. Perhaps, the release of anew game. Like a top-down shooter where you have to keep from too many innocents dying from the forces of evil. A game called: Does the Sand Get Up Here!

Wow, that was easy. Happy, milestone me.

Also, this appears to be a super mega-long blog post, I’ll pretend that was a deliberate part of the celebration.


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