Creating Pictures in Your Head

Or to give it its full name: Creating Pictures in Your Head That Can Then Be Accurately Placed on The Screen

Or to give it its accurate name: Fing I can’t do.

But that’s not strictly accurate since it used to be a hobby of mine to look at a scene or consider a subject and using exclusively rectangles, and the primary colors [ Red (, Blue, and Yellow] construct an image either replicating that scene or composing that image.

One of the reasons that I think I could do this was that I really knew those colors. Now I would say that the colours I know well are Red, Yellow, Black, White, Cream and Saffron. [No blue since there’s a fight in my mind between (0,0,256) and (0,128,256) for what is the true blue, which means that my mind will choose the best shade for comparing against different things, while still supposed to be the same shade. If that sound like nonsense then that’s because the brain acts nonsensically.] I’m really hoping to add a pink skin colour to those examples, because then at least I’d be able to design a certain small range of human sprites.

One point that I’d say goes with  colours is shading and gradients, with the point that I’d find that such an impossible bag of worms that I wouldn’t even attempt it. But perhaps actual artists are able to do it?

I think the second uniquity of my three-colour-rectangles were that they were a challenge. One had to be aware of all the immediate elements – and I don’t have enough taste to look finely at an entire composition – since otherwise you run the unambiguous risk of using the same colours for neighbours and forcing them to be indistinct from them.

I think it is the unambigious danger that makes it work, allowing one to get over the slight pain that comes with showing and altering the pixels in one’s mind.

[Note, there are no metaphors in this post. I think some people lack any actual ability to see pictures in one’s mind. I can see simple things, before lapsing into verbal tags on relative spaces.]


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