I Know Even Less About Music

After talking about pictures and art, it seems only logical that I shall now go on to talk about music. Most of my games don’t include music, in fact only only one has – and even that one hasn’t been released from this – and that followed an incredible simple base.

This might change however as I focus on ever larger ideas. I’m forcing myself to work on assets for my newest idea (A Pirate Versus Several Ninjas) at least as quickly as quick as I create the gameplay, in order to prove that I’m able to create something suitably big looking.

This means that I now want to create proper tunes for my game. Fortunately, I can use Audacity which is likely going to be my main music editor. I’ve had it for a while, but it has only been recently that I’ve stopped drawing a blank on how it works. The catalyst for this being working out what the ‘Open’ button does.  With my previous game, I strung separate notes -in seperate files -in  engine, which meant I was awfully limited. The simple structure was almost by necessity.

I say almost because I was also following the instructions on this – a ‘cheat sheet’ for writing music. Now, the Reddit post it links to says an awful lot of negatives about the cheatsheet, but it seems like the upvoted criticisms are about following slavishly; about people creating a Motown tune and still place it in a sad creepy place. So, I’ll still use it as a start although with a pinch of salt.

With my previous non-commercial game, I used the Piano Chords that can be found here. Now, I guess I’ll have to find something new, or record my own keyboard notes.

So yeah, those are three music resources, I’ve used.


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