My Current Projects

I’m currently working on four projects, which I’ll describe here:

Pirates VS Several Ninjas: This I’m determined to be full of bells and whistles, it’ll have pixel art, it’ll have music and those are all the bells and whistles. The concept is that you are a futuristic pirate who must traverse several biomes in order to get revenge by killing the Ninjas who killed your partner. The DevLog is here.

Attrition; A Game: This is an abstract turn-based game, where you can do two lots of three types of things: Research a Technology, Spawn a Unit, or Move a Unit. Its really hard to explain, despite the fact that I fully understand the rules of my game, and the only difficult part I imagine in its construction is balance, and AI. Victory wins from either learning all the technologies, or reaching your opponent’s base.

Unnamed 5minJam Game: I’m going to finish this game over the weekend since the 5minjam has a deadline, which is quite close. The game is about being victorious in as many RPG-Style battles as you can in 5 minutes, after each battle you can chose or improve an ability. Having to choose between strength, security and speed ought to put a lot of depth in the game.

Unconcepted 3D Engined Game: Essentially as a hobby when not doing things of import, I’ll be trying to use Blender and probably Unity in order to make a 3D game. I prefer 2D, but I ought to prove to myself that I can work in 3D, to make sure I’m not lying to myself. [I’m pretty sure I’m not though since my favourite games are 2D.]

So, I’m having to be a busy bee along with this blog, and everything else.


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