My Trials with YouTube

The game I had in mind for the <5mins Jam, I decided wasn’t the right fit quite late in the day.

I decided that I was going to make a new game, and I was even going to livestream the creation of it (using Google since Twitch requires the downloading of stuff, and YouTube on chrome doesn’t – I think Firefox does require downloading a thing for it, however.

First, I had an issue with trying to remember how to screenshare my live videos. Since, I couldn’t work out how to do it, and google was no use, I wrote a short blog about it in my non-game dev blog:

That exploded in my face something huge, and I’ve set it to private in my account for deleting it after analysing it to see what went wrong and obvious areas where I could improve. In some ways, I’m glad it went so poorly, because I was streaming coding and the code on my video are far to blurry to read. It would have been a pity if it went great, just with that crucial flaw.

I’m still going to try to use YouTube, however I think I’ll do rehearsals and write a script rather than trying to wing it.


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