Things Change; Things Don’t Change

So I’ve been reading the new pages of the Old Man Murray website for a little while now, as you may have noticed by my quite commonly having linked to it.

I think I’ve gotten to the the end of the line. I think that because clicking the ‘Next Page’ link brings up a 404 page. Then again there is a ‘Next Page’ link. Then again, the last new item is written in January of the year that the site was founded, so there certainly isn’t much more on the new front, regardless.

The people have changed. I recognise some of the names in the news pages, but mainly as historical characters rather than the still active, with the rather amusing exception of Valve and the associated which is where the two writers of the site now, I believe, work. I think that this is to some extent due to the PC, and thus western, focus of the site.

Still some things timeless and there was a lot to learn. Since that was the news pages that bodes where for the actual content pages of the site, doesn’t it!

Speaking of things changing and not changing; things might be changing for me quite soon (and also not changing), and things might be silent here for a while until I’ve got that sorted (possibly less than a day, I’m impatient.)


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